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Summit Coaching Services is all about helping you become the strongest and healthiest person you have ever been. All too often people get caught up in trying to get back to how much they used to weigh, or how they used to look, or how they used to perform. This is literally thinking backwards!

I help people perform better than they ever have, look better than they ever have, and feel better than they ever have by thinking forward and building themselves up physically and mentally.

Through strategic barbell training, holistic nutrition, and self empowerment I can help you build the best version of yourself! And with a variety of both remote and in person coaching options we can find the best plan to serve your individual needs.


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Client Testimonials


"Weston changed my mindset about the gym. I no longer just see it as a place to go exercise and bullshit for an hour. I see each day as training to build my mind and body. Each day and routine is crucial to my progression. That has helped me so much commit to this."

"I would recommend Weston to anyone! Every week when I get my check in questions it’s a self reflection I wouldn’t normally do myself. Weston taught me that strength training has not only been great for my body, but every aspect of my life. My confidence, motivation, and work ethic have all strengthened."