In Person Coaching

Become The Strongest and Healthiest Version of Yourself!

Get expert in person coaching from a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist! I start by teaching the Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Press in a way that is quick and efficient. Then we strategically increase the weight on the bar each session and adjust the training based on your individual response. This process maximizes your progress in the safest way possible.

All training options include weekly programming and email support.

Private Coaching

Individual coach for those who want one on one attention. Get the best results possible and answers to all your questions with personal coaching. Includes weekly programming and email support.


Small Group Training

In person coaching for groups of three to four people. Great for those who want expert coaching and camaraderie. Groups meet two times a week with a third session to do on their own if programmed. Includes weekly programming and email support.


Intro Session

Individual session that covers the technique of the Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Press. Great option for those who need help getting started but don't want long term coaching.


Meet Day Coaching

Want help at your meet? Let me handle all the meet day activities so you can focus on lifting and having your best performance on the platform. 

​This package includes

  • Initial Consultation to develop the game day plan.

  • Monitoring and timing warm ups

  • Submitting attempts

  • Managing time between flights

  • Real time feedback


Client Testimonials


"Weston changed my mindset about the gym. I no longer just see it as a place to go exercise and bullshit for an hour. I see each day as training to build my mind and body. Each day and routine is crucial to my progression. That has helped me so much commit to this."

"I would recommend Weston to anyone! Every week when I get my check in questions it’s a self reflection I wouldn’t normally do myself. Weston taught me that strength training has not only been great for my body, but every aspect of my life. My confidence, motivation, and work ethic have all strengthened."